Sunday, 31 December 2006

My eBay listing

So it's coming up to New Year, I've finally moved on from London and starting life elsewhere and it feels good. Feeling deeply positive and happier than for many months now. Anxiety gone replaced only with an open heart and an open mind. Am re-reading Douglas Coupland's book JPod which is geek fiction and frankly a must-read for any computer nerd, in it the characters write an eBay entry to sell themselves. In this spirit and looking forward to the future and the loves and laughs it may hold, I include my offering below.

Narg Boy Toy! VGC, energetic, fun, loyal and adventurous

Item number: 0011001110
Starting bid: $1.00
Buy it now price: $1,000,000.00
Current bid: $13.00
Start time: April 13th 1976 10:30
End time: 29 years, 5 days, 11 months 10 hours 4 minutes and 32 seconds (approx)
Ships to: Anywhere overseas
History: 5 bids
High bidder: theskank56 (12)
Seller: narg

Item specifics:
Condition - used (but good for its age)

You have the amazing oppertunity to purchase your own boy toy! Standard features include...
- workable head, legs and feet (one ankle slightly limited movement due to avoidable accident a few years ago)
- several scars (including many from maintenance surgery and rough use by previous owners)
- adventurous spirit
- ability to mould body according to diet and exercise in accordance with new owners taste
- fun, kind, energetic and loyal
- comes with multilingual plug-in adapter
- one previous long-term owner, several short term leases
- good cook and will happily provide funding for cleaner

This is a fantastic oppertunity - don't miss out! Bid on the Narg toy today and you too could get a companion for life who will love unconditionally and will smile and laugh with you.


Feel free to email/post your own adverts!

Take care everyone out there in the internet ether. I wish you all reach your dreams in 2007.