Saturday, 30 December 2006

First few days in New Zealand.

This place rocks. Totally. It's beautiful - like a warm Scotland with more hills and more diverse flora and fauna. The place we are staying is staggeringly cool. Acres of land, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massive house - it's trippy. There's just friends and family here and you could walk around the forest surrounding the house for a long time without seeing anything. Nearly got my cock caught in a possum trap in the woods trying to figure out how it worked. Never mind tho eh, no harm no foul.

Been down the beach at the
Mount a fair bit doing some surfing and general idling and partying. It's great meeting the extended family here - cold beer is offered upon entering any residence regardless of the time of day or day of the week. It's required because it's so damn hot too. Wearing factor 50 at the moment, sitting in front of a monitor for the past 4 years getting pasty white termite skin is definately not good build-up to deep tanning. Still, bought a new cowboy hat so fitting right in with the locals.

Feeling total peace, for those who have never been to New Zealand before, I'd really recommend it. It's the most beautiful place with the most generous people. The beaches are pure white sand and an atmosphere that makes you relax just breathing in the oxygen-rich sea air. There's gentle talk of a Narg family outpost here, maybe with a bit of land/small farm thingy so it looks like the boy Narg may well need his new cowboy hat for rounding up the sheep in future.