Tuesday, 19 December 2006

How much crap?

I'm nearly done moving my stuff out of my flat, and it's struck me that there's SO much total crap that I've bought over the years. An amazing amount of seriously shite t-shirts, books, clothes, games, toys and paperwork. But being the true geek, made up an algorithm in my head based on the frequency of use, the age of the object and the potential future usefulness in order to find out what to throw away.

This made it easy for items such as the "Party Like Pacman" tshirt below - never worn, pretty old, never going to wear it in my life time. Answer - charity shop to start some 12 yr old on their new potential lifestyle.

But what about the shocking tanks? Very cool, used pretty often, a bugger to try and convince customs that they're only a weapon when in the wrong hands, and the likelihood of using them in the future in the snow (with all it's conductive properties) relatively slim. Answer - sod it, give them to one of the kids next door after singing the little beggar's fingers in a demonstration.

All in all, it's going pretty well though. Threw out a load of suits - very therapeutic and not just a little symbolic - as well as turfing out old programming manuals for recycling and organising the paperwork accordingly (it's been filed carefully in date order in the bin). Successful day, just need to get enough contact lenses to last for several months then we're rocking.

Timescales are:
Fly to NZ on Saturday morning.
Fly around the southern hemisphere a bit.
Fly back from Singapore (leaving some members of the party there who haven't quite finished drinking) 17th January.
Fly out to Geneva Friday 19th January and head to Chamonix.

To all the ex-workmates who are reading this. Thanks very much. It was a hugely positive experience working with all of you. Special note to Andy who I still believe is the best problem solver I've ever come across and acted with such dignity when things were't quite so peachy. Also thanks to Kuntesh, Badjon, Duff, Chris, Bobby, Swaps, Jonny, JQ, iPatch and all the others who still make me smile thinking about them. Take it easy y'all. See you in the next life =)