Monday, 11 December 2006

Reality check

Things are rapidly being ticked off the checklist.

1) Organise the London flat.
2) Get somewhere to live in Chamonix.
3) Find somewhere to work in Chamonix.
4) Get some immediate work (got the contract to rebuild some pub websites).
5) Move collection of thongs, leotards and hats from London to Lancashire.
6) Store the above collection of thongs and leotards not required for the mountains.
7) Stop worrying about the white stuff (woohoo!)
8) Grab a few days before flying to New Zealand to sort out presents & family stuff.
9) Ship over a load of computer gear really cheaply through the Post Office (bonus! thought there was going to be need to hire a van and drive it out there).
10) "Unhired" Rosa, my wonderful cleaner who has kept me in clean underpants for as long as I can remember.
11) Claim back some of the £888 year oyster card. I'm sorry but LTU are fuckers - pleased that they are actually giving something back for a change.
12) Find a cheap flight out to Geneva.

Current work have agreed to let me go on the 18th December, leaving drinks getting sorted, have said goodbye to some of my friends.

Jesus, it's actually happening.