Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Mount Maunagnui

Backdated to New Years day

What a party. Barbeque at Mount Maunganui to celebrate the New Year looking up at the volcano with the surf crashing into a beautiful beach break in the background. What a way to smile into the face of the future.

Unfortunately some of the English contingent managed to get lost on the way up to the house after getting progressively more "uplifted" by a combination of the seemingly endless supply of cold beer and smokey treats. Amusing as they recounted about getting a speeding ticket 10km into their first journey in NZ (so they actually were going no-where fast!). Apparently Kiwi policemen don't react well to being chatted up by a 6' 3" englishman trying to talk his way out of a fine. As a side note, if they're not gay, why wear the Village People outfit? Yeah, they have no sense of fucking humour either. Still it's great to see the boys and girls around the place as we've known each other for some 16 years or more and it would definately not be the same without them.

Woke up on Jan 1st and celebrated by going body surfing with one of the extended family at his local break at the Mount under a clear blue sky. Beautiful.

The Mount at the top of the pic is the extinct volcano bit, the beach down the side is the main beach with the break moving up and down with the tide.