Thursday, 7 December 2006


A while ago I got a shout from a mate of mine to have a look at jumpcut a site that enables you to upload/edit/recut and share movies. Very cool, it's also free. I came across a rather entertaining definition of jumpcut on - apparently jumpcut is a video editing term referring to a large hop in the timeline of a movie. So the site's got a natty name, it's easy to use - I created a movie a couple of months ago to try out the software.

So it all looks very funky indeed. In fact after talking to one of the lads here we came up with a fantastic idea of doing a video blog. So I'll hook this blog into that video feed and hopefully be able to pop out a 2 minute segment at the end of the day in Chamonix with a bit of amusing or at least interesting news on the events and rigours of the day. Very cool!

I like the idea of doing this for a few reasons - Chris from listingslab already has a highly amusing blog about quitting London life to live in Chamonix and I'd like something slightly different. Also there's the benefit of being able to send a more interactive environment back to friends and family so they can see any phsyical differences (suntan, black eyes, stitches, etc). A bonus is that the chamonix valley website also has been exploring video content. Plus there's the added oppertunity for elaborate practical jokes which can't be understated.

I'd recommend having a glance over at jumpcut and I'll post up on here whenever there's a video update. In the mean time, if anyone's got any ideas for a good lightweight camera for taking bursts of video then please give me a shout!