Saturday, 30 December 2006

Flying to Auckland

Backdated to 24th December

This totally rules. Flown Manchester --> Singapore then Singapore --> Auckland. Just spent 24 hours on a plane playing Super Mario Bros, who wants to be a millionaire, watching videos and being served bloody mary's by staggeringly attractive stewardesses whilst sitting in an arm chair. Talk about heaven. Only problem was that I spent 8 hours getting to level 16 on Super Mario Bros then changed planes in Singapore. Fuckers. Still, undaunted carried on and then spent a further 5 hours getting back to the same place in the game on the new plane. Yeah baby, 1-0 to the Narg for having too much time on his hands!

Stayed over in Ackland for the night, driving to Mount Maunganui tomorrow. Weather is awesome. Fried lizard on the menu is a little weird though.