Monday, 5 February 2007


OK, firstly sorry for not writing up a blog post for a while. There's combination of reasons - namely work, riding and illness.

I got a cold a few days ago and it took me down fairly hard. Just recovering from it now. Also, I'm now officially pumped for work and this week is going to be the true, focused start week. Got a development environment on the go last week, mapped in a load of work, got everything sorted to really be productive and got a PHP bible to usher in the latest chapter in the Narg programming book. Awesome. Time to bring in the cash.

So I guess the riding is the thing to report. Snow conditions here have been variable over recent days. After the dump of about 10 days ago the cover has gotten progressively a little thinner both on the pistes and rocks are baring their faces all over the place. Many of the home runs back to the resorts for places such as Brevant and Flegere are closed - in fact only Grands Montets and Le Tour are up and running with runs all the way down.

But, and this is a big but. Riding is going very well, b een riding chutes and gullies, finding the windblown snow that collects under cornices and ridges, and the sides of the piste are great for jibbing and throwing 180's, 360's and a few tweaked grabs. I've never spun as easily as this in my life and I'm pumped for the rest of the season. I reckon as you get that bit older, experience kicks in and you feel more relaxed in the air. I always used to have a feeling of hanging in mid-air with all the time in the world when I used to ride years ago and that same feeling is back with a vengeance. I've got to say, it feels good. As does slashing hard turns into the sides of the piste where the snow's built up sending up a huge hanging curtain of snow that sets snowy crystals sparkling in the cold air ages after the board has thrown them there.

The chalet is good, made dinner for everyone the other day with chicken thighs in red wine, tomato, herb and mushroom sauce with mashed potato and it was a great success. Very pleased. We could really do with more snow though and luckily the gods smile upon us with snow forecast to fall from tomorrow ownwards gradually increasing each day until the end of the week at least. Perfect! (snow forecast).

So I'm feeling pretty good, the stomach's gotten a little flatter and harder - the chubby hamster cheeks are receding faster than the hairline (way better than the alternative) and I've procured another 3 wooly hats to wear throughout the day. I've been really missing people from home - probably being ill doesn't help - but I feel really happy knowing that some are on their way out. It'll be great having some old friends and family over - existance in a ski resort is a very transient experience. Many of the people are here for only 1 or 2 weeks, some for a month, few for longer. I really miss having stability here and have hooked up with a few girls who are just in it for the fun. That's cool and it's their holiday but I reckon it's time to start pulling a little tighter on the reigns and only start dating people here for longer than a nanosecond. The good news is that everyone lets their standards drop on holiday and frankly I've been punching way above my weight - something one normally only dreams about.

So all in all, a little nervy and edgy, time to really start hammering away at work and let the snow fall as it may. Ride only powder days, enjoy the time in the air launching off kickers and find a wifey. Simple sort of existance really.