Friday, 9 February 2007

iPod riding

Narg + iPod feeling the music love.

So there's two schools of appreciation on this one. Those who enjoy riding with music and those who don't I strictly belong to the former and love nothing better than listening to some tunage while travelling at warp 9. It's pretty cool. There's some drawbacks - you can't hear things (directions, friends, avalanches) but there's some real benefits such as having a soundtrack and a pace to ride to. It's wicked - like being the central character in your own snowboard movie. But there's something also really nice about being in total silence with only the noise of your board and breathing accompanying you down the mountain.

I went riding with Kev on the Grands Montets today for a quick couple of hours and we did a LOT of vert. Dropped into one of the big bowls that is hard to access and had a few k's of just pure riding backcountry. Really good fun just to be out there with a mate riding alone and coming together to plot the next line down the mountain. Kev rode well, we both did, with a few rock drops and kickers and lots of pure freeriding. Good day - solid. Powder and adventure.