Monday, 12 February 2007

Riding the couch some more

Hmm yeah, so tried a quick run on the board to check the injury status yesterday but no chance. Need more time to heal. Admittedly the run was the Kandahar World Cup skiing run (stupid boy). Nothing major, just still feeling the knee and thought I'd not push it. The ankle that was initially injured about a week ago after tumbling about 150 foot like a rag doll (tried to drop into the Dream Forest and got it a smidgin wrong) is nicely healed. No pain and no problems. Just got to get me knee sorted. Not even going to try riding until the next powder day. Leave it as much time as is required.

Got a marriage proposal last night when having a quick beer after work - ski resorts are so romantic! Nothing doing though methinks, got to take your time with these things - need to get to know each other and have a look at how the future Mrs Narg would handle a board. Very important.

So been in the office all day making sure everything's tickety-boo, fixing computers and doing general admin of other stuff. Going to get the shopping in and figure out what to do from there. Might even squeeze in a quick beer in Chambre Neuf and watch the band play a few Johnny Cash songs.