Saturday, 10 February 2007

Riding the couch

"Riding the couch". Nasty expression, it means that you're unable to snowboard and are filling the days with non-activity activities. When riding yesterday I came off a kicker and landed awkwardly - nothing dramatic though - and rode the jump away without crashing but I felt my left knee and ankle tweak a bit. I carried on riding as it wasn't causing any real discomfort until later in the day when I could feel it nagging away. That's when we decided to finish up riding and come back home. When I woke up this morning my knee and ankle were a little bit the wrong shape and size so decided to spend the day away from the slopes. It's turned out to be a good decision - there's limited visibility when riding at the moment due to the cloud and snow (it's been snowing here on and off for the past 4 days or so) and at the moment large, soft flakes are falling. I'm feeling pretty good - by the time this niggle has healed up nicely there's going to be more fresh powder to ride on days off.

Unfortunately for one of my old school friends who runs
Le Delice a small but popular restaurant in Les Houches (book a table and try the food - it's awesome), one of her chefs broke his wrist badly on the slopes the other day and they need a little help in the kitchen. No problem at all so going to go there and help out washing pots and pans and helping with the desserts. Actually looking forward to it - I cook a lot for everyone in the chalet for our communal dinners and have worked as a sous-chef in the former years of Narg. To be honest, I'm looking forward to doing some manual labour and helping out friends. It's a bit of a change from working on the stock markets - simpler and less issues. Plus the mountain mentality is to help people in need and I'm more than happy to oblige.