Thursday, 8 February 2007


OK, the good good news is that we've got a contract to do a load of web design and that means the money worries have been staved off and allowed more breathing space. Awesome.

Also totally minty fresh, sparky, sporty, chirpy and cheerful news is that it's DUMPING snow. I was up the Grands Montets yesterday with my mate Joe and we sessioned a few of the chutes that you can drop into from near the top of the Bochard gondola. I rode like a tit for most of the time (due to the lingering effects of this damn cold) but we cut a load of fresh tracks, founds some leeward loaded wind lips and generally munched the soft white stuff like the happy gherkins we are. I managed to remove my goggles from the "ok to wear" pile to the "sell to tourists" pile of equipment as well. As a side note, also hit the park yesterday afternoon and dropped into a couple of rails and a load of kickers. As per usual was going far too fast into every jump but for some reason landed pretty much everything - got a beautiful boned out method (oooooh) and a really nice backside 180 stalefish (aaaah) as well as a few rails (niiiice). So all in all pretty nifty really.

Here's a couple photos of the front garden of the chalet. The mazo (the small house thingy) is where Kevin and Julene have their bedroom and bathroom and the other photo shows the view from the balcony. In the bottom-left corner of the picture you can just make out the rail we've made which we session when we're drunk. Bring it on!