Sunday, 25 February 2007

Powder day at Flegere!

The snow's arrived! Woohoo! And in buckets too. Alarm clock this morning was the sound of the pisteurs blasting the unsafe slopes - and the subsequent rumble of the avalanche. It's dumping it down with snow here, we've had a solid half meter already and there's more falling and more forecast. I eased up to the snowy playground that is Flegere with Kevin earlier to get some riding in before coming to work later this afternoon.

Between the trees.

It rocked. Lots. Possibly had the best run of the season so far dropping down into an untracked chute filled deep with powder - each turn sending up a curtain of snow that you could turn back into and blast through. Seriously yummy. Visibility was slim to non-existant though - no problem with snowbarding being all about touch and feel though? Hehehe.

Deeeeeep powder!

Everywhere's going to be closed for the next few days I reckon - there's just so much snow falling that they need to make it all safe. Kev and I could feel some of the slabs shifting when we rode a couple of slopes today and we even refused a few lines because it looked really sketchy. Was really stoked, came down a steep section and got the nose of my board caught as I was riding along, it was pitching me forward anyway so I jumped it up and did a front flip down the drop, landed perfectly and started grinning. Sweet =) Got the old cheer from Kev as well which was groovy.

So did a load of work this afternoon. We had a business dinner the other day and got a load of stuff sorted out which rocked. Things looking very nice. All I need now is to find Mrs Narg. I guess that'll happen soon enough in its own time!