Thursday, 22 February 2007

Not dead

Haven't posted in a while - apols people. Went to the ice hockey to watch Chamonix play Villard (whipped them 9-1) then watched the top of the league team Morzine play Chamonix (currently 7th in the league) and win (4-2). Both good games in their own way but there's something nice about watching your team win by a lot. It's also cool to go down as a group and sit in the same seats and have your favourite players tap on the glass in appreciation of your support. There's a Slovakian player called Bohme who always gives us a smile and a gesture and it definately makes it all feel a little more personal.

The snow here's pretty average. Nothing really bad but nothing to write home about but there's more forecast. Down to this, I spent the whole day in the office yesterday and got a bundle of work done which was cool =)

I've started to write snow reports for the Chamonix Valley website. Check em out and let me know what you think. It also gives a nice purpose to the riding and makes you try varied runs and sections on the mountain to give a fuller overview.

On the whole, feeling very positive after a bit of a low period whilst everything has been settling down. Going to do the Vallee Blanche in a day or so and spend a bit more time in the office too. Plus I've got a bit of a man date with Chris on Friday to have a drink and a laugh which I'm looking forward to.

Oh, and one of the girls in the chalet got given a parapenting ticket for a tandem flight - she unfortunately dislocated her elbow and gave the ticket to me to have a go with! Looking forward to that - should be good.

Share the love people, the next few days should be really cool.

Parapenting in the Chamonix valley.