Monday, 9 July 2007

Stormy Weekend

Woke up this morning and there was absolutely no hot water - not even lukewarm. Had a dig around with Andy's missus - Bex - amongst all the workings of the house to try and sort out the problem but no chance. Looks like the continual, massive thunderstorm last night at some stage knocked all the power out to the farm and reset a load of the electrics - including the water pumps.

By continual, I mean continual. It's been raining solidly for the past day and a bit (aside from a brief 1 hour window yesterday when I managed to get out for a quick run). Torrential rain, thick cloud, misty forests, the rumbles and growls of angry thunder echoing around the valley bouncing of the mountains, flashes of lightning - it's just been non-stop.

After having spoken to Bex, it seems that those downstairs were awoken at around 4.30am by the same really long, loud peal of thunder that shook the farmhouse and rattled the windows. Apparently Crampons thought it was an avalanche it was so loud! Anyways, looks like we all had an interrupted night's sleep so everyone's looking a little tired and bedraggled today. I feel resolutely fine though (aside from the current no-washing issue), and feel even more pleased to have gone further and higher up on my run without having to stop for a break yesterday. Must be getting fitter!

I'm not feeling the love for taking Merv out to Cham through the pouring rain, so might just carry on working from home today.