Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Adventure Saturday

Chris, Sarah, Abi and myself chipped off out on Saturday for a barbeque in the woods and a spot of climbing. Was really nice to hang out and have some munchies, go for a monkey around a small crag that none of us had climbed before and generally just have a nice relax.

We bumped into a scottish guy and girl who were climbing the same crag and ended up laughing with them a while - culminating in us all going to Le Vert bar for a few gin and tonics after the day's exertions. We all eased our way down to Le Delice back in the Houches to carry on the weekend's celebrations and then at the end of the evening some of the guys went off to a birthday party in the woods further up the valley. Yours truly was a good boy however and retired gracefully.