Saturday, 21 July 2007

A bit unwell

A little bit unwell today. Must have eaten something yesterday that's not been perfect. It's been a while since feeling ill - several months in fact - maybe it's just due? I've been turning down invitations for quick drinks and climbing left and right for the past day now, but will no doubt be back on form shortly and whisk out and about soon.

The good news is that it's enabled cracking on with a load of work. Loafing around the house in a cap, a towel and a tshirt is prime coding apparel with comfort and function highly rated. Obviously the tshirt and cap work well with any Skype video call but the towel is crucial. It's soft, comfortable and multi-functional. The clear issue here is how to wear the towel.

When younger, I had the pleasure of living in Malaysia so wear my towel (if for any extended period) like a sarong. Demonstrated below in the picture of the rather attractive girl waist down.

Notice how good it looks? This also an added affect for anyone pitching up unexpectedly to the farm. They look at the whole ensemble and think, "Hmm, stylish and continental - that boy knows how to dress even when relaxing". This is the very definition of an added bonus.

Of course the classic style is just to wrap towel around waist and tuck it in - useful for shorter periods of wear. And then there's always the highly informal "chuck towel over shoulder". This last towel wearing option should never be employed in company. It's a conversation stopper but extremely effective if just moving a towel from its resting place to the bathroom.

I hope that from here on in you treat the wearing of your towel with the importance it deserves.