Friday, 20 July 2007

Stormy nights and peaceful sleep

It's 12.38am and I've been unable to sleep because of the continual thunder echoing up and down the valley and the arced flashes of lighting shattering the dark of the night. But I'm not unhappy, far from it.

I've been feeling good for a while now and better still in the recent past. Things are truly going well and I have no real worries - the future looks extremely positive, the present is solid and happy and the past is history and reflection. I can lay my head down at night these days without the shadows of doubt and negative thought shouting through my mind and I can sleep - albeit when the weather decides to calm down! But even if it doesn't, I know tomorrow I will still wake up looking forward to the day.

I'm going to pull the sofa in front of the computer and get my duvet and a pillow and crash out watching Die Hard. Hopefully the thunder outside will fit nicely into watching Bruce sparking cliches out and shooting terrorists.