Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Still raining!

Had a quick look at the weather forecast today on Cham valley and I've got to say, it's not terribly inspiring for outdoor pursuits. I don't mind at all - I've got loads of work to do, but it feels a bit claustrophobic in the valley with dense cloud half-way up the mountains above and the thick green vegetation growing up on each side. It feels a bit like living in the Eden Project!

The weather report:

Even the Arve river's got a brown tinge to it as the water endlessly runs off the mountain. The valley has it's own very unique weather patterns governed by the high peaks all around, and I've been reading quite a bit about meteorological conditions in mountains so I'm more informed for climbing, backcountry snowboarding, hiking or really in case anything should go wrong. Plus it's interesting. I've experienced many Föhn winds over the past months and seen some really whacky lenticular clouds around the various mountains but especially Mont Blanc.

Anyways back to work. Got SQL to write.