Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The Lost Valley

It's been raining with very minimal pauses for breath pretty much since the ski lifts closed a few weeks ago. The valley looks very cool with clouds rising from the forested mountain sides all around like some sort of primeval rain forest. It's making the whole place have a slightly surreal ambience - probably down to the stark contrast in view to what we've been looking at for the past 5 or 6 months. It really does feel like some valley lost in time Jurassic Park style though.

So woke up this morning and got into work early. It was pretty nippy and the clouds shifted for a moment and looking up the mountain saw that freezing level had dropped so much overnight there's been a dusting of snow above around 1800m! Unreal.

The view from the office this morning.

I've also officially started my new contract today and it feels really good to get into geek mode. There's some really technical problems to solve with compressing databases which need to be done first and foremost. It's also programming in ASP, an older language that I'm intimately familiar with. I've been programming in PHP recently and it feels a lot newer and trendier. But I've got to say it's really nice to write in a language that flows naturally, albeit with its own "quirks" and some horrific syntaxing. It's very cool though, and the bonus is I can write large swathes of it and it just works with no bugs.

In other news, I'm looking after Ava and Digby - two dogs that belong to a friend. I know them dead well and it's nice to come home to wagging tails. Been giving them plenty of pats and tickles and they're very chirpy. I'd sort of like to get a dog but with those two so close it's a wicked substitute, plus it means I just get cool time with them and not have to deal with them chewing my slippers. I've seen a few geckos roaming around on the stone outside the house and have been thinking about catching one and keeping it as a pet - feeding him the flies we catch. I'll release him after a bit back into the garden but would be a fun pet for the summer.