Saturday, 26 May 2007

Leg power

Wardo and I decided to go mountain biking today. So duly got togged up in appropriately cool looking gear (baggy jeans, cap, reinforced funky gloves, black t-shirt) and have a roam around exploring.

We're using downhill mountain bikes - fast, powerful, stable going down the slopes. Really cool and feels nice and solid whistling downhill. Going along the flat's not too bad either, very fun - jumping over kerbs and speed bumps and little lumps and jumps. The gears are good too, and it's very soft ride due to the enormous suspension. This suspension has a very interesting role as soon as you start going uphill. In that on your downstroke of the pedal, the suspension just compresses and the you start going v e r y   s l o w l y. Very hard work indeed, especially biking the mile up the steep hill where we live.

Still I wasn't too tired and really felt fit afterwards and have the smooth apres-exercise glow this afternoon. Awesome. Can't wait to carry on pushing the body and keep getting trimmer and healthier. Feels good.