Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Democracy and Email

Slightly misleading title for the post but what the heck.

Firstly, looks like the Taiwanese government has been doing their thing. I remember seeing a bit of video of their legislative body having a ruck over some bill or another a few years ago with chairs and punches being thrown. Seems like they've not learnt their lesson from the last time and decided to go for round 2 fighting over a budget. Awesome.

Jab, jab, left hook, vote!

I tell you this is the way to get kids interested in politics. I reckon that more youngsters would be interested in the current Labour leadership battle if all the candidates were set up in inflatable sumo suits and ordered to smack the crap out of each other on the lawn outside the Houses of Parliament. It's a real leveller wearing one of those things. To be honest I'd like my leader to be dextrous, problem solve quickly and been physically fit. It's a cracking idea and I might just email Tony Blair. I'm actually pretty sure he'd like to see Gordon Brown in a sumo suit anyway.


Secondly (and totally on a tangent) I've been getting loads of emails from friends recently. In fact a large proportion of the day has been spent writing responses and catching up today. It's been really nice to say hi to old school friends and work colleagues and people who I've bumped into over the years.

Email interweb thingy. Teknolojee iz wickid.

Really quality to hear how everyone's lives are coming along in which directions. A mate is going travelling to Africa, another has moved back from America to near where I used to live and one of my favourite people ever to work with has got a new house with their partner. It's minty cool and making me feel very happy that there's talk of people coming out for a holiday to say hello and do some climbing or walking around the mountains (and a few drinks!).

It might be from getting the emails from friends and family or the fact that the weather today has been beautiful blue skies with tufts of cloud around the mountain (it's been very rainy here for several days) or it could just be that the seratonin levels in my brain have risen again after a recent minor drop. But I feel really good today. Really happy.

Peace y'all.