Sunday, 20 May 2007

Empty Ferme and the FA Cup

Andy's gone back to Blighty this weekend, Crampons is out in the Med somewhere and so I'm all alone at home looking after the dogs. Luckily the weather's really brightened up so tis beautiful. This along with the snow of last week (when it was raining heavily it was snowing on the upper reaches of the mountains) is making the valley look really cool. I've got the doors and windows open and Dirty Harry by Gorillaz pumping out filling our little corner of the Alps with music.

Yesterday I was planning on watching the FA Cup final downstairs on Crampon's sky box but got a call from Christophe asking if I fancied going down to Vaudagne to watch the match down there with him. He's house and dog sitting for Corin and Claire while they're back in the UK. We ended up having a couple of beers watching the footy and then taking the dogs out for just the most incredible walk up into the upper meadows and a staggeringly beautiful little hamlet of old chalets high up. Total knickerdropper walk. I got a shout from Hannah (my Czech companion) who's coming back out this summer to see me and live out here a bit longer. We'll definitely be going up there walking through the woods up to the hamlet and the meadows with the best views I've seen in the valley. Totally cool.

So today it's a tidy-up day. Have done the kitchen, brought in some logs and I'll hoover and clean the living room. Andy's back tomorrow evening so I'll chip up to Geneva and pick him up and return to a nice clean house.

I've even downloaded season 3 of Top Gear to watch this evening along with dinner. Funky Sunday!