Saturday, 6 January 2007

Narg the Adventurer

So the peoples and peoplettes of the trip, both family and friends, decided before we came out that the last week be laid aside to spend as they wish. Some smaller groups and couples return back to previous places, others to see old friends living here, some are pondering the small oceanic jump to Fiji and others are choosing island hopping. Narg has decided to get back to his adventuristic roots by finding somewhere hot, beachy and rainforesty in order to while away the days surfing, reading books, and getting on the smokey treats.

After much deliberation and furrowing of brow, the flight back to north island has been booked as well as a place on the
Magic Bus around the Coromandel Peninsula. I'm actually looking forward to spending a bit of quiet time by surfing and reading - just taking time to gather the thoughts before the move. Feeling big love for the future, people!

So mooching around Queenstown this morning, going to take a gondola up the mountain next to the town and watch people bungy from a platform built on the top. Who knows, I might even be persuaded to join in!

Queenstown urban bungy!