Thursday, 18 January 2007

Weight loss

Just saw meself in the mirror.

Have always been able to lose weight quickly but am pretty surprised by how much your body changes after a month of hard exercise in the form of swimming, surfing and hiking around. The six pack is starting to make a serious effort to show itself and am starting to streamline out. In fact, I'd hazard a guess that I'm going to be more physically big than at any other time in The Life of Narg.

I always used to be very fit until I badly broke my ankle some years ago and have always wanted to be able to get back to having that body. Unfortunately it looks like someone has stolen that body permanently and replaced it with this rather abused one. It's going to be fun seeing what is left after this snow season with good diet and lots of exercise though. Either that route to get fit or it's going to be a trip to Thailand to one of those really sketchy liposuction clinics you always hear about - you know the really unhygenic ones where people get really screwed up with disease and pestilence for that true weight loss experience baby. Surgery + dysentry + flesh-eating virus = sexy time.