Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Leaving Whitianga

Genuinely absolutely gutted to be leaving Whitianga to head off on the next stage of the adventure. Meeting Silvi the German girl was really cool - it was nice to have someone to spend time with after the energetics of the previous few weeks. I really feel that out of everywhere in New Zealand that I've been to, Whitianga was by far the place I'd like to live. Walking with Kizumi to the beaches, talking and hiking across the cliffs was so beautifully therapeutic I doubt I'll ever be able to put into words how much those two and the friends I met, have impacted the life of Narg for the better.

Narg has been stuck in love limbo ruefully thinking about the ex for too long, to meet two amazing people in such a short space of time really did clean out the last vestiges of regret and provide a happy finality to that chapter in life.

Of course, there's other bits to the place. Never really got over the whole shark thing. I mean, you read about them in the paper - people getting munched and stuff - and all the local fishing tackle shops sell these fucking massive hooks that look like they could double as anchors for boats. Narg's arse still makes noises like a dolphin thinking about the number of times there could have been a whacking great big carnivorous fish within poking distance whilst waiting for waves. Very sketchy and in fact my rusty sheriff's badge just puckered briefly writing this.

Anyways, jumped on the Magic Bus to voyage back up to Auckland for a bit of posh lunch on the docks surrounded by the America's Cup boats. They are mad - just sitting still they hum with speed and lethal elegance.

America's Cup yachts

It's time to meet up with Mr and Mrs Narg Snr to fly together to Singapore. I'm only going to stay for a few days, they're going to be there for a while on business. Really looking forward to it. Got the hankering for chinese food.