Thursday, 18 January 2007

Day = Night, Night = Day

It's a bugger is jetlag. Thought I'd cracked it when I fell deep asleep at 10pm yesterday night. Woke up and thought it was around 6-7am but oh no, now it's 2.17am and I'm bouncing off the frigging walls wiiiiide awake.

It's not all bad however, there's sport on Channel 5 (ice hockey) there's ginger beer in the fridge and frankly I've got loads to do getting ready to move. Pretty sweet.

According to the all knowing Wikipedia jet lag has a maximum effect of 12 hours and the rough equation for recovery is that you get a time zone back each day. Narg started out GMT +14 hours in New Zealand then got back 2 hours in Singapore (GMT +8) to get roughly the maximum 12 hour jetlag possible. Toolbar.

Of course there was virtually no suffering from jetlag flying out to New Zealand (GMT +14) and only a very minor amount going to Singapore (GMT +8). So why is it so totally screwed now? Not sure, only to say that on all the flights that I feel asleep on immediately on boarding the subsequent jetlag was exponentially more than those which I stayed awake playing Super Mario. Saving grace is that I claw an hour back heading out to France (GMT +1) while all this body clock synchro is happening.

Whilst digging around for info on jetlag, came across the widely-held opinion that symptoms of jetlag extend to various levels of insomnia and irrationality, nausea and dehydration and general irritability. Sweet - this sounds just like drinking. Maybe the trick to recover is to go get a beer in. Time to pop a cold one baby!