Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Just waiting for my contractors to pay me. It sucks this waiting period - the money's coming in and everything's going to be just fine so I can pay off a few outstanding bils and things. I've just spoken to them and they've said they're putting it through as we speak which is good. They've also said they want a huge load of work doing which is even better.

As the time passes in Cham I'm acutely aware that everything is in place for me to stay out here - happy and contented pushing myself mentally and physically in the mountains. With this new work, another contract coming up and a permanent job in a couple of months time it means that I'm finally on track for staying for a long while.

It's taken a while and the help of friends like Chris, Wardo, Crampons, Fred & Katy, Louise, Mark & Mimi and especially massive support from my parents - for which I'm eternally grateful to all. Over the next month I'll be buying a drink or two for them!

The summer months will be set for climbing - trying new and more varied pitches and next winter I'll be busy with the seasonnaire business, transfers and snowboarding. Life is starting to fill up a lot.