Wednesday, 20 June 2007

A hot climb at Servoz

So Hana and I met up yesterday and went for a climb at Servoz - one of the currently favoured climbing venues. I've led pretty much everything in the lower half of the crag so I was pretty happy with just picking interesting pitches out of the book and leading them for Hana to second. It was unbelievably hot, I'd guess around 32°C or 34°C and we both caught the sun despite wearing sun cream.

Hana tying in at the bottom of a pitch.

I climbed pretty well apart from one pitch I wasn't overly happy with, but I also managed to do 5 consecutive single pitches - the most I've done so far. I was pretty happy with that and it shows that I'm getting fitter. Hana climbed really well - she's only been a couple of times before - figuring out the various puzzles that the rock throws at you and managing to get up everything put before her. We had a lemonade break half-way through at the bistro opposite and sat down and nattered away which was nice =)

Hana at the top of the third pitch.

We even managed to take a little walk through the woods at the side of the crag to a waterfall and have a cool down in the clear mountain water. Very romantic!

The waterfall in the woods.