Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Now Wash Your Hands (NWYH)

I feel really sorry for Chris at the moment - client interfacing can be difficult at the best of times and his relationship with his current ones - Now Wash Your Hands (a new media company, here's their website) - has turned really sour. He's written about it on his blog about them not paying him for the work done.

I've got to say - I really like the Eastenders game that is the contract, it plays well and looks very cool. It's written using Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash and Flash Server with XML and all sorts of other natty technologies. It has a lot of streaming video, functional animation, scoring and all sorts. I think it's very cool and would slot into the Eastenders section of the BBC website very nicely indeed. Obviously there's a lot of stuff behind the scenes that I don't (and don't need to) know about but the whole thing looks pretty sketchy to me.

I hope it gets resolved soon, the situation's not doing either NWYH or Chris any favours as Chris is out of pocket with the months of work and Now Wash Your Hands are looking like one of the really bad, unreliable new media companies that's only held together by spin and bullshit.

Sounds like everyone needs to feel the love a little more.