Sunday, 30 September 2007

Who's looking for what.

Was looking through my web statistics for the blog and came across a few highly amusing search engine phrases that people have arrived at the blog through:

"chris's friction burn"
- I do have a friend called Chris, but I've not given him a friction burn. He's not that sort of friend.

"dogs crampons"
- Is that animal cruelty? Or is it making sure you're dog's acclimatizing to altitude properly. Whichever way it's very very weird.

"snowboards as shelves"
- A nice idea, albeit expensive. I can't see Ikea introducing this for the 07/08 range.

"people looking at dead whale"
- I've got to say, I do prefer hobbies with more exercise.

"1970's tennis headbands"
- A beautiful look, now and then.

"rum punch made in london"
- It might be best just to refer you to someone based in London with extended culinary experience to be honest.

"once more again with feeling"
- Well quite.