Thursday, 16 August 2007

Work and getting ready for Frison Roche

Time taken up recently has been basically working as much as possible (the earliest I've finished this week was 8.13pm and had several 1am-ers). But this is pretty good as it means we've really cracked on through our side of the project. The client are looking and talking about taking Listingslab on as their development team for a long time in the future, a new area of business has opened up and best of all we've generated a load of cash.

It's been really hard work mentally a lot of the time and both Chris and I have really felt it, but it's also been great to be so deeply embedded into work talking to the clients and solving big problems. The deadline's Monday for delivery and in fact Chris and I are now quite well ahead of schedule on our side of things so the client's asking us to help out with other areas of the site.

As I've been working every day for a while now I'm taking the day off tomorrow to go climb Frison Roche - the 1000 foot rock face under the cable car at Brevent. Louise and I will team up to make the rope and as she's done it a load of times before we know who's going to lead which pitches. I'm really looking forward to getting some exercise and some sun and being out in the fresh air. Going to make some sandwiches and polish my helmet tonight (in a non Benny Hill way) and get my gear together all ready for the big push. Bring it on!