Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Knocking it on the head

The other day Crampons, Chris, Fred and myself all agreed that this morning - Tuesday - we were to all give up smoking together. €25 each went into the pot - the one with the most staying power gets €100. I've got to say it's a cool communal decision that was made - we all want to quit for different reasons and each one of us has somewhat differing tactics to achieve the goal.

The rules for giving up extend to no cigarettes, roll-ups, cigars, joints with tobacco (for those who indulge in that sort of thing), herbal cigarettes (like the clove cigarettes), no pipes. Basically no smoking at all at all.

The various strategies employed for quitting:
Crampons - Patches, gum, anything that looks like it'll give a nicotine hit without actually smoking.
Chris - An array of "quit smoking" books, cd's and hypnotherapy paraphenalia.
Fred - Laughing in the face of temptation, being as he runs a smoking restaurant.
Martin - Cold turkey (possibly assisted by normal chewing gum - not that nicarette shit, it tastes awful).

I gave up for about a year and a half a while ago and didn't find it too bad before slipping back into smoking the odd cigar, then many cigars then finally back onto cigarettes. It's only been a paltry few hours since I got up and I'm already feeling edgy and cackling away at obscure stuff and being generally mental.