Thursday, 2 August 2007

Bits, bobs and bastards

Work is all-encompassing at the moment. Days are long and am going to bed and getting up way earlier than normal. We're doing a contract with a pretty tight series of deadlines for a company based in the states so combined with getting into the office at unreasonable o'clock, we're also doing project meetings on skype that start at 6pm and then finishing up work afterwards.

It's all going very well and they're very happy with what we've currently done and already talking about more work and subsequent phases of the project. Chris and I are learning loads about a new sector of trendy business where there's loads of work out there and we're getting paid by the hour to do so. We've even got our next contracts lined up. Fantastic.

Met a really, really nice scottish girl the other day but unfortunately she's gone back to the UK this weekend. But have been emailing each other and whatnot. We're talking about hopefully spinning it so she can come and stay over in a while for a few days and do a bit of skiing for a few days. Hope so anyway.

Left my car in Cham the other day tucked away in a little car park close to the station. Some idiot smashed the driver's side window - they didn't steal anything, just smashed the window. As the gendarmes are pretty swift and fairly unyielding I decided to forgo getting his window fixed just yet as there's a few other things starting to go wrong with him. He's been really, really awesome and still has legs but I can hear the faint sound of an overweight female warming up her voice...

I've been thinking to replace Merv as the upcoming winter is really going to test him. He currently desperately needs some new front tyres but over the winter will need snow tyres and more than likely require snow chains putting on and removing every trip to and from the farm - a serious pain in the arse. Also he could really do with a service as he's developed some squeaky brakes and a few minor noises that sound like one of the wheel bearings is starting to stiffen. The driver's side door really needs to be fixed as it's permanently locked and in general he could do with life on the valley floor - not being bounced up and down a cracked, steep, narrow mountain road every day.

In the mean time I've borrowed Crampon's missus' fiesta as she's got a new work car. The fiesta's currently sitting around the farm not being used despite being in extremely good nick despite a couple of minor and very treatable things. The exhaust muffler's been knocked and needs replacing but she's away for a month and we've agreed a deal where I can get the exhaust fixed and use it while I'm getting Merv fixed - or more likely seeing if I can sell Merv and get a better car more suited to the snow (hopefully the fiesta - which already has snow tyres!).

Luckily there's a cheap mechanic who owes Fred a favour or two and can get the exhaust done for an extremely reasonable price. Sweet!

I guess sometimes you just need a prod in the right direction from fate or God or whomever to get something started. Getting new transport has always been on the cards and Merv has been unbelievably helpful. With the recurring work it's a good time to get the situation sorted before winter rolls in.