Monday, 20 August 2007

Family planning

Going back to the UK on Thursday! WoooOoooOOooo!

My baby cousin's getting hitched! Then having a couple of days seeing friends in London.

Getting quite excited about the whole thing. I'm pumped about seeing my little nephew Dusty. Really looking forward to seeing the family as well - mum and dad, my sister and brother-in-law, the rest of the cousins, aunts and uncles, my grandmother. Plus as my cousin and I went to school together there will be a whole load of school friends at the wedding as well.

Then there's a couple of days in London. Going to see a whole host of friends and head off to the Notting Hill Carnival and see everyone and grab a drink and catch up. I'm really stoked to be seeing everyone and catching up and sharing a laugh and a drink.

This whole thing's come at the perfect time and I'm really looking forward to a bit of recharge of the batteries out of the valley to see everyone. So tonight Crampons, Fred, George and Ian and I are all having a bite to eat together and I'll shave my beard and head ready for the trip back and start getting my stuff together - washing clothes and the like.

Passy Lake with Mont Blanc in the background

I'm feeling pretty good after swimming the mile-long lake at Passy yesterday with Chris. Was good of him to drag me out of the office for a couple of hours into the hot sun and go for a splash. Not sure why in God's name whilst we were supposed to be sitting on towels next to a mile-long lake carefully not looking at the topless French girls the only thing running through my mind was "I wonder if I can swim the whole lake without stopping". Muppet. Still - did it and feel healthy for it.

Right! Time to get the flat sorted out, the place could do with a clean.