Thursday, 1 November 2007

Merv's new shoes

Took Merv down with Tinks to get him sorted out for the winter - getting all his aches and pains fixed as well as getting a new set of snow tyres for him and Ka (Tink's Ford Ka). We went down to Sallanches to a small out-of-the-way garage that was recommended (and cheap!) to get everything.

Phillippe the guy who owns the garage was brilliant. He gave Merv a new set of shoes for a very, very reasonable price and we ordered a new window and whatnot for him. We've also sorted out new shoes for Ka and will get a new exhaust for her too.

What a difference it's made after having a bit of love at the garage! Lots of the small problems Merv had are gone - no crunching gears, good grip in corners, no rolling about, braking is better as is acceleration and fuel economy. It's really made him a new man. I'm really pleased and has reinvigorated my belief in him. A small amount of love goes a long way. I checked his oil and the rest of the stuff I could do and it's all tip-top. Once his new window is in on Monday, he's going to be primed and ready for the winter. Wahey!

I also purchased my ski insurance and heli-rescue insurance the other day as well. Nice to be safe. Tinks keeps reminding me to be safe, as do my folks at home. I will do but it's good to have the insurance anyway.