Thursday, 22 November 2007

4am revisited

*bleep* *bleep* *bleep*

Up again at 4am to take the muppet Fred to Geneva airport after the previous fiasco of him ignoring his alarm and missing the flight. He managed to get to the airport bang on time, with enough to spare to pick up a few bits and bobs through duty-free as well. Funky.

Things of note from the journey:

1) Today's trip was sponsored by "Dark Dog" energy drink. Any drink with the words "dark" and "dog" in the name must be seen as dangerous and not to be taken lightly. We didn't take them lightly either - 3 cans apiece to help the journey along. We went from being half-asleep to acting like a pair of ADHD teenagers in just under 0.03 seconds. Conversation flowed thereafter.

2) Fred's first name isn't Fred (I knew this already). In fact his first name is Ahmad. His second name isn't Fred either - it's Ferad. His surname is unpronouncable. This is why he is called Fred.

3) French drivers will drive at exactly the same speed and ferocity despite any one of low visibility, darkness, rain, fog, sleet and wind. They will drive at the same velocity even if all of these factors are present.

4) The Swiss are encouraged to take note of registration numbers of excessively speeding vehicles and report them to the authorities. There's some sort of bonus for doing this apparently. Yes, that was my first thought too - bastards.

5) French motorway toll booth clerks are just as chirpy at 5am as they are at 5pm. For a race of people who sit in cafes sipping their pastis a l'eau whilst muttering "you eenglish peoples make my ass tweetch" they are surprisingly chirpy when it comes to jobs like that.

6) Dark Dog lasts for a long time.