Monday, 5 March 2007

Worky worky!

So not done a lot of riding recently - just lots of work. I've really got into the habit of going on the slopes for a couple of hours in the morning then coming into the office and working until early evening.

Everything's coming together nicely - money's starting to poke its nose into the business with contracts and whatnot, the site's coming together and there's a decent blend of work and play.

Friends are appearing next week and there's a change in the clientele of the chalet meaning the group dynamic will shift a bit which is good. Change is fun! Plus the boys are staying at the chalet which will be awesome.

I managed to swing up to Brevent/Flegere this morning for a quick ride before work and finished up early to head home. I was getting off the chairlift near the Altitude 2000 restaurant and slipped on the ice and twisted my knee, immediately feeling a spark of pain inside the inner part of my knee. One of those really annoying slow speed spills where you just fall awkwardly. It's already stiffened up and it's a bit sore but nothing's broken or seriously wrong and so I'll leave it be for the next few days and let it settle. There's lots of work to do and to be honest the snow's not really great so I'm not bothered.

It's not a bad idea to take the next week off and let all the small niggles heal up until the lads appear next Saturday as well, so all in all a pretty good time to have a small injury.