Thursday, 1 March 2007

Ill and working

So I've had a cold for the past few days - nothing really traumatic but just enough to really take away energy and feel the need to get well. Thankfully I feel way better today and have been in the office for quite a while now. I've done lots of really good work and sorted out a whole bunch of stuff. I really feel happy with the output and earlier even wriggled out to teach a snowboarding lesson which was cool - nice to get a few extra bucks!

It looks like the main Chamonix Valley advertising project is nearing completion and we can start marketing businesses to advertise with us. Awesome stuff and some really good income for the company. Also earlier we found that we've been getting more hits to the site than we previously thought, in fact is really taking a good portion of the market we are targetting, and that portion is increasing. Marvellous stuff!

We'll get the software finished this weekend and with only a small amount of luck and a good bit of work, we'll be rocking and rolling.

I found out this week that a couple of mates are coming out in a week and a half's time as well. This is great - enabling us to finish this software before any "distractions" appear, then having fun with said distractions!