Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Knee update

Well I kind of didn't give *all* the information yesterday when I posted. I felt something give in my knee when I fell over and it wasn't good. Just a little pop, but I've done ligaments before and I knew it wasn't a major tear or anything manic. I shipped myself off to l'hôpital this morning to get it all checked out and make sure I wasn't doing anything daft and get some professional advice.

Cost a few quid but worth it to get the good news. I just pulled my one of the ligaments in my knee out of place (they popped it back in and it and things felt better straight away) and pulled it a wee bit. Only out for a week too - basically they said when it stops hurting I can ride again. Painkillers and rest is the cure. Awesome!

It's the first time I've been to hospital this season and I hope it's going to be the last. There's an incredible sense of irony that it was just bad luck to get this one - after all the jumping off cat tracks, rocks bands, cliffs, fast riding, tricks and spills I hurt myself getting off a chairlift at 2mph! Aah well - live and learn =)