Monday, 15 October 2007

The Southern Alps

Just come back from a wicked break in the Southern Alps. Nipped down to near Gap (apparently NOT where they make the clothes) with Abi and Katy for a few days. It was awesome - we stayed at Katy's aunt's place which is an old place high up in the middle of nowhere that's recently been refurbished.

We tootled off down there going the scenic route going around Grenoble, slowly winding our way through the various valleys and passes before reaching our destination, some 4 hours away.

We all got rather heavily involved with the Sky TV and gin and tonics on offer (none of us have TV at home) and slept a lot and splashed about where appropriate. Abi put her skills as a masseuse to good use, we had a mini-adventure to a big hypermarket in Gap (my sort of fun!) and generally relaxed getting ready for the season.

Here's some photos.

The view from in front of the house looking at the mountains.

The garden and HOT TUB, woohoo!

The living room with accompanying very cool arched ceiling.

The girls very excitedly (and drunkly) dancing around the kitchen.

The right-hand side of the house (kitchen).

The left-hand side of the house (living room).

All in all a really good mini break. And a much-needed one as well. I was starting to go a little crazy from work and it was brilliant to get away and chill. The temperature has dropped considerably in the Chamonix valley now. The same snow has sat up higher for a few weeks and the leaves on the trees are dropping and littering the pathways around town and in the woods. Everywhere has taken on a golden hue with reds and oranges and yellows bursting from the different variety of trees. We're deep in the grip of Autumn with its kaleidescope of colours pushing their way into the visual senses.

The air is starting to smell like snow now as well. Everyone's got a slightly manic, disturbed grin tugging at the corner of their mouths in gleeful anticipation of the winter. People are starting to put skiing videos on and the winter hat collections are making an appearance around town. How cool? Very cool.